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Dr. Ameha Hagos

Dr Ameha Hagos completed his undergraduate at Metropolitan State University of Denver in 1996 with a major in Biology and Chemistry.  Dr Hagos studied medicine at Spartan Health Sciences University in Saint Lucia and graduated in 2002. Following that Dr. Hagos completed his medical training in Chicago at Cook County-Loyola Residency Program, and he is board certified in Family and Emergency Medicine.

Dr Hagos is a true believer of the Integrated and Holistic approach to medicine.  With this approach and the vast experience, he acquired across various disciplines, has given him an insight to prioritize once’ need and optimize the desired outcome. Dr. Hagos’s keen interest in the various aspects of Aesthetics, goes all the way back to his medical training in Chicago.  Over the last 15 plus years, Dr. Hagos has devoted himself in providing compassionate care to his patients.  He believes that delivering high-quality aesthetics care along with a personalized holistic approach would optimize the desired outcome and get us closer to the quality of life we aspire to.